Inserting Dynamic Content

Dynamic content is used to send emails with differing content, depending on the recipients and their stored values in the instance.
This can be as simple as having a personalised greeting "Dear #[Person/FirstName]#", to paragraphs with multiple custom fields.

Dynamic Content fields can be used in emails and landing zones.  

In this article we will be covering:


Inserting a Dynamic Field

In this scenario I am emailing a customer about an offer relating to their membership status and location.

  1. Put your cursor where you want the dynamic content to be inserted.
  2. Select the icon on the right hand toolbar as shown.
  3. The following window will appear. Give your placeholder a name e.g. Image.
  4. Select 'Add'.


Adding a Condition

The following window will appear to allow you to create new conditions for the content. These conditions determine how and what appears.

1.  Select 'Add Condition' to start this process.


Condition - General Tab

In the general tab you can provide a description of this specific condition. This is useful if other colleagues edit your work or you think you won't remember!

You also have the option to make this condition the 'default'. This means that any recipients who don't meet the conditions on the content get this condition displayed to them.


Condition - Rule Tab

1.  Select 'Add Rule'.


2.  Select the attribute from a dropdown you wish the content to depend on.

3.  The operator determines how the value needs to fit the attribute.
You can choose from:

  • Equal To
  • < or > Than
  • </= To
  • <> (Not Equal) To
  • Is Like
  • Is Not Like
  • Does Not Contain Data
  • Contains Data

4. Choose what the value is on the rule. This value is what fills the contact field/attribute on the contact record.

5. If you want to add multiple rules you can select 'And' or 'Or'.

6. Select the red cross to delete the rule.



Condition - Content Tab

This is where you can add an image, a calendar link, a specific web link, anything you would like.

Simply add your content then click 'Save and Close'.


Here you will see a blue placeholder for the dynamic content and the name you gave it.

This will not display on the final email to recipients, it is purely so you can identify where your content is.



Testing the Content

Testing your Dynamic Content is similar to testing any email.

  1. Ensure that you exist as a contact in your instance, and that the attribute the rule is based on has information in it.
  2. Do a campaign test send to yourself.
  3. The content will appear depending on what you change the attribute value to.
  4. Change the value for the different rules you have made on the attribute in your contact record. This is so you can see that all content appears.


Please Note: Creator test send will not display dynamic content and tracked links. So ensure you use the campaign test send.

Editing existing Dynamic Content

To edit dynamic content you have already created, simply select the placeholder and the Dynamic Content icon in the right hand side toolbar.