Understanding Site Labels

Site Labels are an often misunderstood tool in GatorLeads. Many people don't understand what they are or how to use them.
Reading this article will teach you exactly what they are and how to use them effectively!



What is a Site Label?

Site Labels allow you to archive all the pages, scores and assigned categories that are currently listed under the Page Scoring section of GatorLeads. You can create a New site Label with a New Heading e.g ‘ New Wordpress site’.

This will clear out any pages that are no longer live and pages with 404 errors. It will return all Live Pages back to a score of 1 Point and wipe any categories they were added to giving you a fresh start.


Please Note: New Page Filters will update your scores and categories automatically when you create a site label.

Finding the Site Labels

To find the Site Label page select ADMIN -> PAGE ADMIN -> SITE LABELS.


Adding Site Labels

  1. Expand the Site Label dropdown.
  2. Enter the name of the label.
  3. Select the Start Date and Time.
  4. Click 'Add'.