Creating Nurture Campaigns for Leads

Once your GatorLeads platform is up and running and you are successfully tracking your hot leads, you can dedicate a bit of time to warming up the leads that are being identified on your website but aren’t really engaging.

First, take a look at what your “cold” leads are looking at and decide how you can get them to move through a user journey until they become a “hot” lead sales can pitch to. This will be the basis of the content you use in an email nurturing campaign.

You can then talk to your Account Manager about setting one up, and we’ll create the 3-part email campaign for you.

We’ll take care of:

  • The HTML of your emails
  • The Responsive Mobile Design (RMD), so your emails display across a wide range of email providers and devices
  • Trigger the emails according to a delay you set (one email every 2 days or 2 weeks)
  • Design the emails to look like they are coming to your leads directly from you
  • Advice on the best practice to get your email opens, clicks and engagement rates continuously improving

All you have to do is provide the copy!

Purchase the data

Thanks to GatorLeads's IP lookup technology and private database, we have access to more company details than anyone else. This includes email addresses from employees that have accepted our cookie technology. If these employees are on our database, you can buy their contact information for just 50p. And even better, we can give you 500 of your contacts at 50p each!We will also automatically supress your leads that are on your customer tab so you are focusing on drawing in new business only. 


Track from a nurture campaign

Once you have purchased an email address you can create that individual a PURL or add them to a lead nurture series. This will mean that you can track the click activity of your leads back to your website. This will also give you the ability to warm up cold leads, reinforce your business value and show them the benefits of your products and services until they are ready to buy.

Because you can see what your prospects are looking at on your website, you can also send them messages relevant to their interests. With GatorLeads, you can create tailored email series based on products, events or the stages of your buyer journey. Clever!


Have your email campaign designed for you

WOW will take the hassle out of your email campaigns by doing all the time-consuming setting up and design for you. This includes the HTML and Responsive Mobile Design (RMD) so that your messages display across a wide range of email providers and devices. We will trigger your emails however you like, be it 2 days apart or a week.

However you want your email campaign to work, GatorLeads can make it happen.