How to rank your Leads from HOT to COLD

Ranking your incoming Leads by their activity level is a useful metric for deciding which leads your Sales and Business Development Teams pursue and nurture.

We use the chilli scale to rank Leads from HOT to COLD. Hot Leads have a high score whereas Cold leads have a low score.
This can be determined by yourself or you can use our handy chilli scale as your rankings.



At this point, it is worth sitting down with both your sales and marketing teams and deciding on what makes a qualified lead. They will both have different ideas about what suggests a lead is interested in your business, so it’s important to take both sides on board.

From marketing’s point of view – consider the logic of the user journey to influence your point scoring.
From a sales point of view – consider the quality of the information the lead currently has and what they could possibly need to convert into customers.


Editing Your Lead Scoring

  1. Hover over 'Admin'
  2. Select 'Page Admin' -> 'Lead Bands'



Here you will see the score ranges you have set for each Lead Band.

To edit each Lead Band simply click on the score.