Changing User Roles

In order to change profile permissions of users in GatorLeads you MUST be an Admin User.



  1. Select 'Admin' -> 'Client Admin' -> 'Manage Users'.
  2. Here are the users First Name, Last Name, and Email.
  3. You will see here if the user has an SSO Account or is a Leads Only user.
  4. The user permissions are set here.


User Permissions

  • Admin – Has access to everything on GatorLeads
  • Leads – Allows someone to manage the leads, assign leads to people and see who the leads are assigned to
  • Sales – Only able to see leads assigned to themselves
  • Reports – Receive emailed reports about what they want to track
  • Purchase – Gives users the opportunity to buy contact details
  • Exports – Allows users to export reports and contact information
  • Popup - Enables the user to use GatorPopup


If you do not see the Admin tab then you do not have the correct user permissions. In this case speak to a user with higher permissions or call in to our Support Team.