Assigning Leads & Alerts

As leads start to appear in your GatorLeads lead table, you will probably want to assign them to members of your sales team.

You can do this in one of two ways:

  1. In the lead table, under the Assign To column
  2. Once you drill down into the company view



How To Assign your Lead


1. On the My Leads dashboard select 'Assign Lead' next to the unassigned lead.



  1. A new screen will appear. Select the Lead Type here.
  2. Select what status the Lead is in so the assignee knows what further action to take.
  3. Select the user to assign said Lead to.
  4. Tick here if you want an Admin user CC'ed in any emails to this Lead.
  5. Tick this box to create a watch on the Lead for the assignee.
  6. Add any notes which may provide instruction to the person this lead is assigned to.
  7. Click here to save your changes.


The sales team member (and possibly other admin users) will then receive an email telling them that the lead is assigned to them, along with any other information they need to know.


How to Assign an Alert

When editing your Alert or creating one, go to the Alert Actions tab.

  1. Select the 'Assign Lead' tab.
  2. Here you select the user to assign the alert to.
  3. Toggle whether the alertee will be sent an email when the alert is activated.


  1. Within the 'Email' tab you can also assign the lead. Enter the email address of the person you will be emailing the alert to.
  2. Tick 'Alert Assignee'. This means the person specified will be labelled as the alert assignee.