Watches Management

When you set watches on Leads it can be particularly hard to keep track of them, especially if you have many watches set.

Now you can see all of your watches in one place, filter by Company Name, user they are watched by and more.

Select Admin -> Other -> Watches.

To have this feature available to you, you must be an Admin User.

Watches Dashboard

  1. This is the Date filter for your watches. Setting this will only show watches made in a certain time frame.
  2. This is the Company filter. Type the name of the company into here to see all watches made for said company.
  3. Here you can search for a user the watch is assigned to. This is useful if you want to manage them on a person by person basis.
  4. These checkboxes allow you to select one or more watch at a time. Selecting more than one watch will allow you to use the button "Unwatch Selected". It will turn from grey to red when it is available to use.
  5. Unwatch Selected allows you to set multiple watches to being unwatched.
  6. If you only want to unwatch one user then use the available red button next to each watch.
  7. The permalink icon will take you to that Company profile.