Assign Alerts to a GatorMail Group

Contacts being tracked in GatorLeads with a valid email address can be passed back to a group in GatorMail when they take certain actions on your website.
Once a contact has fulfilled the alert criteria and been included in the group, that group can be used as an audience in triggered campaigns.
Relating the content of the triggered campaign to the alert criteria is often referred to as a re-marketing Campaign.

Pre-requisites: To utilise this functionality, you must be running GatorMail and GatorLeads.

Assigning the Group to the Alert

Select the 'Alerts' tab from within GatorLeads.

Create a new Alert or edit one you already have.


Choose the Group

  1. Select the 'Alert Actions' tab within the Alert.
  2. Select 'Gator Integration'
  3. Tick this box to send contacts to the specified group.
  4. Select the group to send the contacts to. It must be an already existing group.


Next Steps

Once your group is populating automatically in GatorMail, it can be used as an audience in campaigns.
This will work with static campaigns, but if you want to create an automated re-marketing workflow then add the audience to a Refresh Non-Recurring campaign that will automatically send emails. It will do so whenever a new contact is added to the group by the alert.