Allocating Leads by Sales Territory

You can now automatically assign Leads to your Sales Team using postcode and industry logic.
The user you have selected will automatically get any Lead in that territory assigned to them.

To do this, go to Admin –> System Admin –> Sales Territories.

Adding Sales Territories

The logic for Sales Territories means all rules are checked, rather than one at a time. This ensures that if you have a postcode of GU assigned to a user and G assigned to another user, the user with G will receive all G postcodes and GU receives just GU. Rules won't override each other.

1. Select the "Add Sales Territory" drop down.

2. Enter the name of the Sales Territory e.g. 'Sales Team 1'.

3. Enter a Country from the drop down. Once a country is selected it will expand the options and Postcodes will appear.

4. Enter the postcodes you wish a user to monitor.

5. Select a user to assign the territory to.

6. Select the "Save" button. This will make the Sales Territory and it will appear in the list.

Please Note: Not all countries will have Postcodes in the drop down. You may have to manually enter the postcodes.