Contact Tracking Guide

GatorLeads by default tracks companies.
GatorLeads can track contacts from your website login or form captures. This allows your website visitors to be cookied from identification and hence your website page visits can be tracked to the known contact by email address inside your GatorLeads interface and reporting.


Note: in the following examples we use jQuery 1.7+ to capture the button click events

Tracking Custom User Data

When tracking the following code would be placed onto all the page to be tracked. This is the standard tracking code you are sent when your GatorLeads account is set up and can also be found in your GatorLeads account under the Admin/Client Admin/Embed Tracking

<script data-cfasync='false' type='text/javascript'> 

var _wow = _wow || []; (

function () { try{ 

_wow.push(['setClientId', 'xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx']); // replace with your client id _wow.push(['enableDownloadTracking']);
var d = document, g = d.createElement('script'), s = d.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; 
g.type = 'text/javascript'; g.defer = true; g.async = true; 
g.src = '//'; 
s.parentNode.insertBefore(g, s); }


There is also a script version that makes it easier, it will be similar to the following (note: the domain may be different)

<script data-cfasync='false' type='text/javascript' defer='' async='' src=' xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx'.js'></script>

Example of how it could work (using jQuery)


$('#lp-pom-button-374').on('click', function(){

_wow.push(['setEmailAddress', $('#email').val()]);

_wow.push(['setName', $('#name').val()]);





Please note: this will only work when using a valid GatorLeads tracking code on your website.


You are able to track the following:

Email Address

To enable GatorLeads to track an email address you need to set the email address in the tracking script.

_wow.push(['setEmailAddress', '{Email Address to track}']);


_wow.push(['setEmailAddress', '<?php echo $user->email; ?>']); _wow.push(['trackPageView']);

If you only have access to the email address from the html / javascript code you can set it via javascript e.g. from a onclick of your login or form capture …

$('#login).on('click', function(){

// track the page with and change the url

_wow.push(['setEmailAddress', $('#emailInput').val()]);




Note: once the email has been set you need to call the _wow.push(['trackPageView']); to track the email address

Name and Job Position

To enable GatorLeads to track the users name and job position you will also need to track the email address as well. Just setting the user details without the email address being set will not work.

To track a users name you set it via the following method

_wow.push(['setName', '{First name}', '{Last name}']);


_wow.push(['setPosition', '{Job Position}']);

A Web Form

To enable GatorLeads to track a form submitted with email address you need to add the following javascript with the correct values

<script type="text/javascript"> var _wow=_wow||[]; _wow.push(['formSubmit', 'myForm', 'email', 'firstname', 'lastname']) </script>


myForm is the Id of the form element

email is the name of the email input on the form

firstname is the name of the first name input on the form

lastname is the name of the last name input on the form

Please read the pdf below for a more in depth guide.