Auto Nurture

Auto Nurture is a feature in GatorLeads that allows you to create reports designed to automatically generate leads for you based on certain criteria

What is Auto Nurture?

Auto Nurture is an automated report creating tool, which allows you to set filters and search criteria for potential leads.
These reports are created when you want them to be, providing you with a constant stream of potential leads.

You can discover contact information for companies, or individuals within companies.

Creating a report is simple, quick and efficient.

What functions are there in Auto Nurture?

In  Auto Nurture you can:

  • Set filters for your potential leads, whether they are companies, or contacts.
  • Set a report schedule
  • Allow your credits to automatically be used on the report you have created
  • Create multiple reports
  • Purchase contact details via credits

Setting up a Report

1. Hover over the 'Reporting' tab and select 'Auto Nurture'.

2. Then click on 'Create New Report'

3. Alternatively you can edit and /or search for a current report, which will be displayed in the Report field.

To be able to create and edit auto nurture reports you must have the 'Purchase' role included. This can be changed by an admin.

4. First name your report.

5.  Give a description of what this report is for

6. The categories on the left are all for you to refine how you are searching for a company/contact/lead.

7. As you can see you can select which country you want to search for, what industry you are focusing on, number of employees etc.

8. Contact Criteria enables you to refine your search by what role your want your potential contacts to have in their company, and what their job function is.

9. Lead Criteria enables you to define what you want to be considered as a lead.  

You can decide whether a lead is purely a lead, or can be a competitor, partner, etc. You can choose multiple options by ticking the boxes.


The lead band is where you decide what rating you want to search for. They can be a hot or cold lead. If you want to nurture a lead, then you may want to choose one chilli pepper (cold). Or you may want to develop an already hot lead (4 chilli peppers).

10. Here you can enter the url of pages on your website which the lead you are searching for must have visited to be considered a lead.

Be careful! This category is not an and/or filter. If you enter three url's, the lead must have visited ALL three to be considered a lead.

Within your site, you will (hopefully!) have assigned page scores. These scores will help you decide who is seriously interested in your company, as their score will accrue, and therefore be higher.

In Auto Nurture, your page score criteria simply searches for those who have visited certain pages on your site, or accrued a certain score from those pages.

11. The criteria summary simply shows you all the decisions you've made regarding filtering for your lead.

12. Once you have created all of your filters, simply click the 'Create Report' button.

13. Once you have a report created these coloured buttons will appear. They allow you to look at the history of the report, the search criteria, enable you to edit them, delete them and run them.

14. Run your report and you can see how many leads you have returned.

15. The 'Companies' list will change depending on your criteria.

16. You can select a company from the list and see what contact details are available to you.

17. In the criteria drop down you can filter it on the selection criteria you defined when creating your report.