Our GatorLeads App!

For quick and easy access to Leads information, we have designed a new GatorLeads mobile app!

Available on Android and iPhone, our new app is essential for the marketer on the go! Simply type in Communigator or GatorLeads to find the app on your App Store.




Starting with the App

Once you have downloaded the app you will be greeted by this welcome screen on first use.

Here you need to enter your Communigator SSO login details. These will be saved once successfully logged in for ease of access.


Once signed in you will be walked through choosing which instance of your Leads you want to use, and what stats you would like to see.



Here you can see the three instances I have the option of choosing from.

You can choose to see all of your instances in the app, or you can pick one, which is demonstrated above.


Once you have selected your instance you can either:

1. Select to include 'All LeadTypes'.

2. Or you can choose which ones you want to include e.g. Lead and Competitor.

Once complete select 'Finished'.



Before you start using the app, you can choose to follow a tutorial which will take you through key aspects of the app, or you can explore on your own.



The App Leads Dashboard

  1. You can see where you are in the app by looking at the three menu options. You have the Menu, Leads, and News. The tab to view your lead types is called 'Leads'.
  2. Here you can see the date range you are looking at and the lead type.
  3. The search bar allows you to find a specific company or contact without having to look through your list.
  4. Here you can switch between the Lead types you added to the dashboard.
  5. Company information that you have available is shown here. You will see the layout of the app is very similar to that of Leads on your laptop or computer. This has been done so it is simple and quick to use. You can click into the company profile by clicking on the name.
  6. The chilli rating for the company is shown here.


Company Profile View

  1. On the Company profile you have the option to click on a permalink, which will take you to the company on Leads.
  2. Here you will see the day score, and scrolling across will reveal the total score.


Scrolling down will reveal stats for the company that you would get in Leads e.g. First & Last Visit, contact email etc.
You can also view the last pages they visited on your website.


Clicking on 'Last Visited Pages' will show the above screen listing the pages they last visited. You can click on these page titles to take you to that URL.



News Tab

The News tab is an RSS feed that all have access to. This is where we give you Leads related advice and articles which we believe will be useful to you.