Terms and Meanings in Gator Leads

PURL = A Personalised URL. Serve cookies through 1-to-1 personal emails, as well as emails through CommuniGator. Allows web activity tracking.

Auto-Nurture = A key feature in GatorLeads. It allow you to send automated lead nurture reports according to criteria you have set.

Lead = A lead is a contact or company which has a strong potential to be a customer/client.

Lead Scoring = A means to increasing usefulness of customer tracking. You set score interaction points on a campaign which tally up against contacts in your contact record. This shows their potential as a Lead.

Chilli System = Lead scoring is rated on a Chilli system as shown below. This allows you to see how 'Hot' or 'Cold' the potential lead is.

E-Marketing Contacts = These are contacts you have created on your platform, essentially the same as any other contact.

Nurture Campaign = Nurture campaigns are campaigns like the ones you may have created in Auto-Nurture, which aim to make a lead 'Hot'. This is a key part of gaining new clients as you want to warm up a contact first. These nurture campaigns warm up the contact.

PPC  = This is Pay Per Click. It is when you pay for Google to place your company at the top of the results in a relevant search.

Bounce Rate = This shows you how many times a campaign/email has 'bounced'. This means the person it was sent out to did not receive it. You receive a message through CommuniGator which will indicate why it has bounced.
The page shows you the daily and average monthly bounce rate, as well as an overall percentage of your traffic that is leaving your website after only viewing one page.

Match Rate = This page will show your daily and average monthly match rate of the leads identified on your website from GatorLeads. You’ll also see the match rate of this week, last week and when your best match rate week occurred.

Tracking Code = A tracking code is put on your website to track views on your pages. It records most activity on your website for you.

Google Analytics = Google Analytics is the de facto website monitoring tool that tracks and reports website traffic. GatorMail utilises this tool and Google Integration can be turned on or off depending on your needs.

UTM Value = This stands for Urchin Tracking Module and is a code Google Analytics uses to track your unique URLs. Your UTM values are particularly useful for PURLs, which utilise the UTM value for 1-to-1 tracking.

Cookies = When visiting a site a cookie is downloaded onto your pc. It remembers your viewing history on that site and allows content to be tailored to individuals. You can cookie users for exactly the same reason, particularly for marketing to them in a personalised manner.

Alerts = Alerts tell you when a report has come in and when a potential lead has clicked on a particular page or link on your website.

Qualify Out = Qualifying out is simply a tool you can use to stop monitoring leads you are not interested in.

Parallax Website = A website with this layout works on one page. It is a one-page website where you can scroll continuously through, meaning all web assets are loaded into one single page. For websites like this you need an additional tracking code for correct navigation.

Banding = Is where you place visitors with certain page scores. For example, a visitor with very few page clicks could be put into a 'Cold' band, or a visitor could be put into a 'Hot ' band if they have clicked multiple times on the 'Home' and 'Sales' page.

adword = Is a service provided by Google which allows you to pay for your site to appear in keyword searches at the very top of the Google Search Page.

CRM = A Customer Relationship Management system helps manage customer data. This can be over multiple products such as SalesForce, Sage, and Microsoft Dynamics. Just a few which CommuniGator can integrate with. It is designed to improve customer relations and customer lifetime value. With CommuniGator, your leads, contacts, customers, competitors and more can be easily managed in a CRM system integrated with Gator.