Outlook PURL - 1 to 1 Personalised Tracking

The Outlook PURL feature, based on GatorLeads PURL builder, is used to create a tracking link to a destination URL that can alert you when the recipient has clicked.

This is supported in the Outlook 365 online version and does not support exchange 2010 or lower.

If you log in to your email online (Outlook OWA) then follow the steps to set up. This will then once complete, automatically install this into your outlook client on desktop (Mac and Windows!)

Please Note: Please TEST your PURL's by sending it to yourself using YOUR email address to confirm it is working. If you click someone else's PURL you will cookie your machine as that person and start tracking yourself, similar to clicking someone else's email links.

Another reason to test a PURL before sending, as the destination URL is not guaranteed to work if the website is secured by it's own origin. This means the website has been set up to never allow it to be iframed which a PURL requires. 


Add Ins

1. Select 'Get Add Ins'

2.. Add the following URL to the popup box



For newer versions of Outlook:

Select "view account"


Select "my apps"
Head over to the top of the page where you will see the icon for Apps
my apps.png
A window will appear and you must add the following below: https://www.communigator.co.uk/Outlook/manifest.xml
Screenshot 2024-01-23 115953.png

The Gator Button

Now when you add a new email you will see the gator at the bottom of the screen to access the Outlook PURL



Add your configuration.

- Username and password is the same as your SSO/GatorLeads account.

- Client ID is found in your GatorLeads account. It is the unique ID found in 'Admin' -> 'Client Admin' -> 'Embed Tracking' in GatorLeads.


Add an Email

You can now add an email (or it takes it from first contact in the To: list), then add a destination URL and click create for short link in the email content.

Please Note: You can edit the configuration at any time.

We recommend not adding in the URL as it is because it can look like spam and prevent people from clicking on the link.
Use text such as "Welcome to Gator!" and hyperlink the text using the PURL URL.


UTM Values

Behind the scenes you will get UTMs created as:

UTM Source: LeadPURL

UTM Medium: 1to1

UTM Campaign: Name of Sender - this way you can track usage by staff