Page Filters

Page filters are used in Leads to find pages which are created on certain dates, or to find a page which contains a certain phrase in the URL.



New Page Filters is where you set filters which apply to new pages that are detected. They are applied in the order specified in the above screen.

  1. This is the filter itself. You can use 'starts with' or 'contains' (ideally only use the relevant part of the string and not the full URL including domain).
  2. This is the score which is applied to the page.  
  3. You can also select a category for the page to go into.
  4. These arrows allow you to move the filters up or down in priority.
  5. This button allows you to edit any filter.
  6. Click here to add a new filter.



Adding a new filter

Using the above you can set the filter to be a key word in a URL, give it a score, apply it to multiple categories, and  even auto block the page matches.