Lead Dashboard & Tab Overview

Once your GatorLeads account has been set up, you are ready to get started on tracking your leads!

Leads appear in your Leads Dashboard which can be found under 'My Leads'.
From the dashboard you can assign leads to GL users, categorise them, and see various details about the Lead.



  1. Click on 'My Leads' to navigate you to the Leads Dashboard.
  2. Clicking here will show the Live feed. This is a live view of leads clicking around on your website.
  3. These tabs are for when you assign leads. Leads will initially come in as Leads, but can then be assigned as a Customer for example. Then when a lead comes in from the same company it will move it to the appropriate tab.
  4. This is the date range your lead grid will show. So if the date range is set for today you will only see leads come in from today. If you set it to a month then you will see all leads that have visited your website in the month.
  5. Here you can set filters for your searches. Remember that the Date Range in point 4 is part of this search, so make sure to set the date right.
  6. These icons have various functions.
    - Filter New Leads will only show leads in the grid who have never visited your site before, so are classed as 'New Leads'
    - Refresh Grid refreshes the leads grid and removes filters.
    - Download to CSV allows you to download the lead grid for the specified date range into an excel CSV file.

7. This column is the chilli rating for the Lead. You can set what defines a hot lead elsewhere in the product, but here you will see how active the lead has been on your website
8. Clicking on CRM will see if you have a Lead in CRM already for this Lead.
9. This column is all about watching your lead.
10. The flag shows you what country the Lead is originating from, and the Company details if there are any.
11. This is the Company Name.
12. This is the email address of the last cookied contact to have been on your website.
13. This is the last visit date for the lead.
14. This is their date score. This score relates to the leads score in the time frame you are viewing the dashboard in. This is NOT Total Score.
15. Assigned to is who the lead has been assigned to and where you go to assign Leads to categories or individuals.
16. Here you can add notes such as your previous action or conversation with this company. The icon is highlighted blue to flag that notes have been added.



Lead Tabs Overview

Website Visits

Website visits is where you will see all of the leads scores and information on what pages they have visited.
The key bits of information you should pay attention to are explained below:

  1. This is the Total Score the Lead has accumulated. This is every score the lead gains from visiting your site over time which contributes to the overall Chilli Rating.
  2. This is the Date Score. This is the score obtained on the date range you have specified when searching for the lead. So if your date range was a day, then the date score will be looked at over that specified day.
  3. These are all of the UTM values which the lead has obtained if coming from a campaign email which contains UTM values in the URL.
  4. These are the pages you will see for the last 60 days which the lead has visited.



Campaign & Keywords

Under Campaigns and Keywords you will see tabs for campaigns, keywords, referers, and PURL.
These tabs show any of the above which the lead has visited.

The blue icon you can see on the far right is where you click to find the stats for the campaign the lead came from in Gator.


E-Marketing Contacts

In this tab you will see information on who is in the associated lead record i.e. other users for the same cookied company.

  1. Here are the contacts identified and permalinks to their own lead pages.
  2. These are the last page visits within 60 days from the lead.


Company & People Profile

This tab simply provides you with information on the Company and people within the company that it can identify.
This is used to help you identify the correct people to contact within an organisation.