Lead Reporting & Insights

One of the great things about the GatorLeads platform is it works for both sales and marketing.
The reports and insights are really useful for you to track which campaigns Leads are coming from, where leads are converting, and anything else you need to know.


On the homepage of your Leads instance you will see the 'insights' page.
This shows you overall statistics such as Visitors Identified, Companies Identified, and a breakdown of who those Leads are identified as e.g. Contact, Lead, Customer etc.

In this section you can review which traffic sources, industries, locations and company sizes are the most popular and profitable for you. This gives you a great indication of what channels are the most successful and who your ideal target audience actually IS. From there you can also decide which sections need more attention.

On this page, you can also click on any of the rows in the tables to drill down and get even more information about that particular subject.
For example, I could select “Software” in Industries and then find out exactly where the traffic sources just for software industries came from. Or I could click into the PPC traffic medium channel to identify previously unknown visitors.




Within Reporting you have multiple functions such as:

  1. Manual Reports - Reports you create to see analysis on certain aspects of your leads.
  2. PPC Report - These are PPC campaign reports to see which campaigns are bringing in and converting the most leads
  3. Companies - You can search for Companies using different mediums.
  4. Contacts - You can search for a contact who may have visited your website.
  5. Contact Search (GDPR) - This tab will show you any contact who has been cookied by viewing your website at any time.
  6. Quick Stats - Using a date range you can get a quick view of statistics for the time period specified.



Manual Report

  1. Select the Date Range of your report here.
  2. Select the reporting sections to include within the report.
  3. Email the report and it will send it to your email address associated with your GatorLeads account.


PPC Report

  1. Select the Start and End Date to run your report within.
  2. Toggle whether you want the report to only show First Visit of the Lead.
  3. Select 'Get PPC Report' to have it processed.


Please Note: Once you select a start date the end date must be within 31 days of that.


  1. Select the Start and End Date of the Company Report.
  2. If you have a specific Company you are searching for then insert the name here.
  3. If they have a certain score you are searching for then insert it here.
  4. Select a Lead Type.
  5. Select the status of said Lead.
  6. You can enter the name of someone it may be assigned to here.
  7. Enter any search term here.
  8. Here you can use campaign data in your search. So if they were part of a specific campaign then you can enter the campaign name here.
  9. Select 'Get Companies' to run the report.





Contact Search (GDPR)

  1. Enter the email address of said contact here.
  2. Select 'Get Contacts'




This search option is very similar to Company search except it requires an email address.

Remember: You do not have to fill out every field to search a company or contact.

Quick Stats

For quick stats you simply need to insert the date range you want statistics for and run the report.