Reporting via Webforms

Within GatorLeads you can visualise the traffic you are getting on your webforms.

This enables you to see contacts who have filled in your webforms, who your top visitors are, each page seen and it also allows you to search within a date range. This is particularly good if you don't want to go into each individual webform.
All of this is useful for determining your asset performance levels.

This article will take you through how to view & analyse your webforms in GatorLeads.

Finding your Webforms

Under your 'Reporting' tab hover over 'Site Analytics', then select 'Downloads'.

You will be directed to the page above which lists your content.

To see which ones are your webforms you will need their URL.

Analysing your Webform Performance

1. Date Filter: Here we can filter by date range. This means you can search for a particular week in which you know webform activity has been high to see who is filling in your forms.

2. Top Views: By looking at the 'Total Page Views' we can see order them by most viewed by simply clicking on the arrow. This allows you to show top page views for a particular webform.

3. Name Search: This allows you to type in the url or name of your webform to search for it directly.

4. Contact View: This button allows you to view all companies who downloaded from a page. This means they have clicked on the page your webform is hosted on.

5. Export List: This allows you to download a file to CSV. This file can be a list of the web pages visited, the contact who visited this page etc. It depends on the filters you set.

Contact View

The Contact View is where you can see who has accessed a particular page, or in your case, a webform.

One of the best features here is that you can export this view out as an excel file which you can keep as a log for yourself and others in your company.
You can also see who a company is assigned to (if you have done this), allowing you to liaise with people in your company for information/updates.

Their company score is also shown, enabling you to determine whether they are more or less important to your company.

Similar results for viewing webforms can be found on 'Site Analytics' -> 'Pages'.