Uploading Companies

In GatorLeads we have a feature where you can upload a bulk of leads via a CSV file.

1. When In GatorLeads click onto the Admin Tab

2. System Admin

3. Upload Companies



Select the Type

Select what ‘Lead Type’ you would like this list of Companies to be uploaded as.


Assigning Leads

Select the User that you would like to assign the ‘Lead’ to.


Email Notifications

Send email will notify Assignee about each company assigned to them via this upload.

Set Watch will set a Watch on each company to notify Assignee each time one of these Companies returns to the website.


CSV Format

1. Column for Company Name

2. Column for Company Domain

Column heads need to be named as above

Uploading Your CSV

Click to select CSV file to upload or drag and Drop file.


Matched  has already visited your site and will be re assigned straight away

Partial  Has been found in our Database but has not yet hit your website (this will be auto assigned when it does)

Failed  no match found in our Database

Here you can edit the data and resubmit to correct the failed records. Clicking Submit will then complete the Upload.

A final overview of your upload.

Review your Company Upload Records

Clicking on Company Upload Records will allow you to review all the companies you have uploaded to, Matched, Partial & Failed.

Please Note: When you upload a CSV of Leads, they will not show in your GatorLeads until they have clicked on one of your pages and GatorLeads has matched them.