Updating Pre-Loaded Groups

Updating groups in GatorLeads is a quick and simple process that will allow you to send information across to GatorMail.

Follow the steps below to go through this process.

Gator Integration

In order to select the GatorMail groups that appear in GatorLeads you will need ensure that you have 'Admin' rights in GatorLeads.
If you do not have admin rights then talk to a member of your organisation using Gator that does have admin right, or contact our Support Team.

1. Hover over Admin

2. Select Integration Admin

3. Select Gator Integration

This will then take you to the setup screen shown above.
If a username and service URL is entered in these sections, then GatorLeads and GatorMail should be connected.

4. Click on the Gator Groups Tab.

If the Username and service URL is blank, please contact your Account Manager or our Support Team, who can integrate your GatorMail instance to GatorLeads.

Your Group List

1. This shows you the groups that appear in GatorLeads

2. This shows you a list of groups available from GatorMail

3. To move a group click the arrow appearing to the left of the group name.

4. Once you have moved the groups that you would like to appear in GatorLeads click 'Save Groups'.

5. If you have multiple groups you are able to search for the group name inside GatorMail.

Please Note: This group feature does not allow you to edit the groups within Gator Leads. If you wish to edit the group content this will have to be done in Gator Mail, as the groups are pulled from your Gator Mail instance.