Adding the GL Tracking code to Google Tag Manager

Tags are basically bits of code embedded into your website’s JavaScript or HTML which extract certain information.
This can be things like duration on site, links clicked, or whatever you deem necessary to know (within reason).  

Each tag added does something different, but they all allow you to identify more precise information which is then sent to your analytics software.

Accessing the Tag Manager

  1. Select your Workspace.
  2. Select the 'Tags' tab.

Here you will see all of the tags on your site currently.

3. To create a new tag, select 'New'.

Creating your Tag

You will be presented with this screen.

Type in the name of your tag, usually GatorLeads, and select 'Tag Configuration'.


Select 'Custom HTML'.


Paste in the GatorLeads Tracking Code script from your Leads Instance: Admin -> Embedded Tracking.


Select 'Triggering'.

Select 'All Pages'.

The Finalised Tag

Your final tag will look like this.