What is AI in relation to CommuniGator?

Artificial Intelligence, known as AI, is a fast developing technology driven by the need to create bigger and better products.
AI provides us with the tools to automate tasks that require a high level of human intelligence or beyond, and many products with AI out-compete those without.

But what is AI doing in CommuniGator, and how is it used to better improve your marketing efforts?

Why are we using AI?

CommuniGator has branched out to the world of AI to make your email marketing the best it can be. This is the start of our journey into seeing whether historic campaign data contributes to results predictions for your future campaigns.

Early signs suggest that we can run predictions against who in your audience is likely to click on your email.

Since October the Advanced Detailed Campaigns for all customers of a Static Campaign type have been put through the AI Engine to build predictive models based on the following:

  • The Audience
  • The Audience Click History
  • The Campaign Subject Line
  • The Email Content (Text and HTML)


If you do not have more than 6 months worth of campaign data, don't panic! We hold a global anonymised model of all data to test against so you don't miss out on general predictions.

What the AI can do for you

The AI Engine allows you to test any campaign on the fly, giving recommendations for positive change.
It automatically tests every campaign behind the scenes just before the campaign is initiated, doing the legwork for you.
This data is constantly consumed so more accurate models can be built on your campaign history.

These models and predictions can be used by your marketing team to ensure emails are effective and benefit your business in a positive way.

What we have learnt so far

From all of our testing and model predictions it has become obvious that there are clear trends.

The more campaigns you send the more accurate the AI predictions become. This is visualised in what's known as the ‘Spike of Hope’ versus the ‘Flat line of Nope’.
So is your weekly/monthly/yearly Click Through Rate for each campaign spiking through good content marketing, or flat-lining through sending the same content to the same audience?
This is what AI can start to interrogate, with the objective of trying to deliver content marketing that the AI engine cannot predict as you are testing lots of different content methods to find how to cause a spike in your audience CTR.

Your GatorMail account now has a new menu option under campaigns called 'Campaign Predicitons'. This gives you access to the following graph of how our AI predicted stats, versus your actual sends. You can click on the full AI report for each campaign over time, with the option to click and drill in closer to the graph timeline to understand how we are predicting with the GatorAI engine.


Our Goals

As stated, this is only the start, our data scientists are on a journey to further interrogate and find future techniques that can give you more insight into your marketing campaign trends.

We would like to eventually add it into GatorCreator, so it can recognise certain block types and analyse the content within.. GatorLeads is also a potential journey for GatorAI.

As you use the AI more and more, we can understand its capabilities in more depth, allowing us to branch out into the other products in our suite.