Export Management

The Export Management screen allows users to see and download all exports throughout the system.

Exporting The Data

There are two places where this can be accessed.

1. Report > Export Management

2. In the top tool bar there is an export button.  When clicked a new window showing the export grid.

The export management screen shows a grid which gives details of all the exports with different statuses of the exports.

The export management screen will show the exports created for each user.  If a user who views the export screen has a role assigned as “UserAdmin” they will see all the exports created on the instance.

Normal User

They will see only exports created by themselves.  If export authorisation is enabled and the user has not been added to the authorised users list, they will need to request authorisation before they can download the export.

The above screen shot shows an export which has not been authorised.

To request authorisation the user will need to click on the “Authorisation Required: Request Authorisation” link.  This will display a modal where the user can request authorisation to download the file.

When authorisation has been requested an email is sent to all the users with the role “UserAdmin”.  They will then be able to log into the system and authorise the export.

An admin user will see that the export recently created by the user required authorisation.  They can download the file and check they are happy before authorising.

When the file has been authorised, you are able to see the details of the authorisation.  By clicking on the “View Authorisation Details” link.

After the export has been authorised the user who requested authorisation can now download the file.

Expired Exports

All exports have an expiry date.  When past the expiry date the file is archived and is no longer downloadable.  

The expiry date is determined by a framework key which can be set per instance.  Its defaulted to one day.

Processing Exports

When an export has been created it will be in the processing state.

Errored Exports

If an export has errored processing the grid will show an error on the export.

Creating an Export

When you want to create an export, a modal window is shown which gives details of the export.  Such as the name so you can easily identify it.

You can also select which format you want the export to be created in.  The default selected option is Excel.

When an export has started processing the export button at the top will show a processing icon.  When finished processing the icon is removed.