How to fire "Events" in Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager using Spotler Forms

This article demonstrates how to set up Events to fire in Google Analytics off the back of one of your Spotler Forms.

Create Tag

  1. Create a new tag and call it Spotler Smart Forms
  2. Then edit track type to ‘event’ and edit the Event Tracking Parameters. We suggest using the below in the image.
    1. NOTE: Only add a value if you know what you are doing.
  3. Add you GA property in the ‘Google Analytics settings’

The tag should look something like this:

Create Trigger

  1. Create a trigger and call it Spotler Form Submit
  2. Add ‘Trigger Type’ of ‘Click  All Elements’
  3. Fire trigger on ‘Some Clicks’
  4. In the conditions that appear, choose ‘Click Classes’, then ‘contains’ and then type in the 3rd box gf__submit

The trigger should look something like this:

Add Trigger to Tag

Then go back to the tag called Spotler Smart Forms and add the trigger you just created to the tag.

The completed tag should look something like this:

Hit ‘Save’ and then hit ‘Submit’ and publish and test in GA!

Google Analytics Testing

In GA got to ‘Realtime’ and then ‘Events’

Got to a page on your website that has a Spotler form and submit it.

Then look back at GA and you’ll see something like the below… A Spotler Form event submission

If you click on the ‘Spotler Form’ you can drill in and see the URL it was submitted on.

This now means you can set up bespoke reports or just search for this in Behaviour > Events in GA and find all the information you need.