Gator CRM Auto-Login Errors & Resolutions

The following article explains the reasons why you could be presented with the CommuniGator Login screen when logging in to CRM using autologin.

1) Blocked Cookies

The first reason why you could see the CommuniGator login screen instead of logging straight into Communigator, is that cookies are being blocked on your computer.  
To check the cookie settings:

1) Open your browser and browser settings.

2) Select 'Allow all Cookies'.



2) Your CRM system may not have have the credentials stored.

The second reason could be that you do not have the CommuniGator credentials stored in your CRM system.
Use the following links to find out how to store the CommuniGator credentials in your CRM System.


Sage CRM





For some CRM systems you may need to contact your CRM Administrator / IT Support Team to update/store the credentials.

If you are still unable to login to CommuniGator via CRM after checking the above steps, please contact the CommuniGator Support team.