Salesforce Sync Pitfalls

Ensuring your salesforce information and CommmuniGator activity are fluid is essential for the success of your marketing and sales projects.

There are many reasons for a sync not to work and many of these can be corrected easily.

In this article we will be covering:

Passwords Expiring

For best practice Salesforce passwords expire after 90 days to ensure security remains tight, when enabled.

But if your CommuniGator password expires you have to manually go into Salesforce to change your password every 90 days or so.
This happens when an Administrator adds the CommmuniGator user to an exisiting profile. If the password isn't changed then CG and Salesforce will stop synching and data access stops.

To manage this you can make sure the CG user associated has a password that is set to never expire. Or you may just have to set up a calendar reminder to reset your password every 90 days.

Field Permissions Incorrect

So data is synced correctly between Salesforce and Communigator field level permissions must be set correctly.
Fields are: First Name, Surname, Favourite Colour etc.

This is the same as syncing from the CRM when importing CSV's. If the fields do not match then you will not sync the data correctly into your contact report.

In Salesforce if the permissions are 'Read Only', then any updates made in CommuniGator will not sync through to Salesforce.

To resolve this, make sure the field is set as 'Write'.


Fields Not Visible

When fields aren't visible the sync wont happen. Setting them as 'Visible' in Salesforce is something which is easily missed, but you MUST remember to do this or you will have no data to see.

You can change it to visible in Salesforce when creating the fields.

Required Dependent Fields like Disqualified Reason

When using dependent fields in Salesforce you may experience sync issues. This occurs when you try to mass disqualify people or auto disqualify lead types.
If you forget to update the 'Reason for Disqualify' field when updating the 'Lead Status' field then CommuniGator will give a sync error.

This oversight is easy to make,but remembering to update both fields will stop any errors from occuring. If you fill in the 'Reason; field before updating the 'Status' field then no error can be made. Simple!

Fields Incorrectly Mapped

When creating a new field in a CommuniGator record you must remember to:

- Create the field on both the 'Contact' and 'Lead' objects.

- Make sure all the fields are mapped

- Always remember that the user who uses this report has the privileges to see it and edit it if you wish.

Lack of Sync Data

Depending on your settings, you might require First Name, Surname, Email, & Company Name for forms to sync correctly. But even if you don't have all this data you may still want to sync.

Therefore you may need to default populate Surname & Company Name fields. Once they turn into leads or you purchase their data then you can fill in the fields as required.

CG to Salesforce sync occurring too quickly

Sometimes Leads can sync before the campaign is initiated. This can cause Leads to be misaligned and Leads that shouldn't have synced to be synced.

We recommend having a checklist for going back and ensuring that your Leads are pulled across correctly.

Custom 3rd Party Apps

If you have used a third party app to add in data to Salesforce the data may not show in CommuniGator.
The field may appear blank as it is referencing data from another system.

Because the data doesn't live within Salesforce you won't be able to get access to it. Unfortunately you wont be able to get access to it because its come in from a third party app.

Instead we recommend putting the data in manually.