Salesforce Profile Permissions

For the integration of Salesforce and Communigator to work certain criteria need to be met within your data and your user profile.

Contrary to belief, a full Admin account is NOT needed. Instead you need to make sure your profile has the relevant permissions and API calls described further in this article.

Giving your users the read and write access is a relatively easy process. Despite having to give the user adminuser name passwords, security in Salesforce is strong and the chances of it compromising your security are next to none.

Permissions Required

First you need a user account where read and write access is granted to the main objects listed below. There must also be no password expiry date which you can set within profile settings.

The below table show the read and write permissions needed.

Object Name
Object Type Access Required
Account Native SFDC Create/Read/Write
Campaign Native SFDC
Contact Native SFDC
Config Custom(Communigator)
CommuniGator Result Custom(Communigator)
Lead Native SFDC
Website Hits Custom (Communigator) Create/Read/Write
Website Visitors Custom(Communigator) Create/Read/Write

What we do for your Salesforce - Communigator Integration

  • We would be deploying our CommuniGator package into salesforce for all users
  • Package includes custom CommuniGator page layouts for Contact/Lead with CommuniGator customisations
  • Package includes website visitor and website hit entities for Gatorleads integrations
  • We add a CommuniGator results section to the campaign page layout, which store sent/opens/clicks etc
  • We add a ‘send to CommuniGator’ button on campaign page layout
  • Add 3 remote sites, one for, one for (product landing zone), and one for
  • For Gatorleads & datasync we also setup a ‘Connected App’ that uses OAuth.
  • Integration service itself is installed on our servers as Salesforce is hosted online
  • Other database customisations are required on CommuniGators end
  • In case of any issues we can simply uninstall the package that will remove any added fields/ buttons and so on

We need read and write access over campaign as we send results back to our related list that we add to the page layout. Web Hit and Visitor are our custom objects.

Integration will run our own Communigator processes and will write data back to objects such as Lead, Account, Contact etc.

Lead are generated by our web form functionality. If an email submitted on a web form doesnt exist in our database, then a create lead trigger will be fired via the integration. Leads will be created in Salesforce provided integration has First name, Surname, and Company fields mapped for the Lead entity.