Survey Query

Once a survey has been created and dispatched, a query can be built based upon the responses. The query simply outputs a list of all people who meet a particular criteria in the form of CSV.

Creating a Survey Query Report

  1. Go to Reporting and then select Survey Query
  2. Select Add New Query
  3. Type in a name for the Query and click 'Add'

The page will then refresh and you will be able to build your Survey Query.


Running the Survey Query

Once the page refreshes after adding a Survey Query you will be displayed with the above page.

  1. Select the Campaign and the Survey you want to query
  2. Select the Question and the Answer and click 'Add'
  3. Select the Attribute, Operator and Attribute Value and click 'Add Attribute'
  4. Here you can view the criteria that has been added to the query.  Using the buttons on the right hand side you can change the order of the query, add brackets, remove criteria, and change the operator for multiple queries (AND, OR, NOT)
  5. Once you have added the criteria,  you can then Save, Save & Close or Export the results. The CSV will include any contacts that have met the criteria of the query, and the contact fields. (First Name, Last Name, EmailLogin, Company, Contact Fields, Custom Fields etc.)