Lead Score Analysis

If the criteria by which you calculate Lead Scores needs to change, you do not have to start afresh, you can use Lead Score Analysis to apply new criteria for the purpose of a report.

Please note this does not change the lead scores that have been set, It just let you see a report based on different criteria.

1. Click here to add a new Lead Score Analysis

2. To access previous Lead Score Analyses select the name of the Analysis.


  1. Give your Analysis a name and description
  2. 'Create New Lead Score'


  1. Here you will select what to run your Lead Score setup on. Select whether you are running it on a Campaign, or a Campaign series.
  2. Select the Campaign/s here.
  3. Choose a date range for the actions to be searched under.
  4. Select 'Get Actions'. They will display in the table below.
  5. Run the Report here.


Report Results

Here you will see the Lead Score results for each contact in the campaign.