Lead Score Category Set Up

In Gator Mail you are able to set up a lead score category to associate to specific emails & links - this is so that you are able to report on email engagement.

An example of categories you could set up:

  1. Newsletter Category
  2. Events Category
  3. Content Downloads

In this article we will be showing you how to set up the lead score categories.

Creating the Category

Email Marketing - Version 7 - Google Chrome
  1. Go to Tools within Gator Mail
  2. Lead Score Set Up
  1. Add new lead score category
  2. Enter in name of category and description
  3. Create new lead score category
  1. Can edit the name and description of the category
  2. Default Score Values - these are the scoring values that will get added to the contact's lead score when an action has been completed
    • Open Score - This is when the contact opens the email
    • Web Hit Score - This is when the contact clicks on an external web link in the email
    • Landing Page Hit Score - This is when the contact clicks on a campaign landing page in the email
    • Article Hit Score - This is when the contact clicks on a Gator Mail article block link in the email
    • Survey Hit Score - This is when the contact clicks on a Traditional Survey link in the email (Not GatorSurvey)

      NOTE: Article Hits can only be used if you are using the GatorMail editor, they DO NOT apply for GatorCreator emails.
  3. Score Aliases - This is where you determine what score makes the contact a 'Hot Lead', 'Warm Lead', 'Mild Lead' or 'Cold Lead'.
  4. If you wish to update these scores select the lead band you wish to edit, this will highlight the band in grey, then input the score you want it to be and click on to the update button
  5. Save Category

Once the Lead Score Category has been created repeat the steps if you wish to create more than one category.

After the categories have been created you then need to assign the category to your email and email links.

For steps on how to assign the lead score category click here.