Microsoft Dynamics 365 Quick Start Guide (Updated UI)

There are three components of an emarketing campaign; the marketing list, the campaign and the campaign activity.

-  Marketing List - This is the group of contacts that should receive your email.
   You can build this by using the lookup function or advanced find.

- Campaign - The campaign is the umbrella for each campaign activity, this could include activities such as phone, direct mail, email etc. Spotler only uses the activity not the campaign.

- Campaign Activity - When the campaign activity is created within the CRM campaign and configured correctly, we will then pass the activity over to Spotler to create the GatorMail campaign.

Building The Marketing List

  1. Navigate to the Marketing area of Dynamics CRM.
  2. Select Marketing lists.
  3. Create a new marketing list.
  1. Name your marketing list. You can select any name but be aware you may wish to reuse this list on multiple campaigns.
  2. Select whether the audience of this marketing list will remain static or will be updated dynamically based on an advanced find query
  3. Choose what type of record the marketing list will be aimed at e.g. Contact, Lead or Account.
  4. Don't forget to Save!

Note: any records without an email address will not be pulled through the integration to GatorMail.

  1. After you save the Marketing List 'Manage Memebers' will then appear.
  2. Select "Add using Advanced Find"
Using Advanced Find To Add Members To The Marketing List

1. Click "Add" to add a new search criteria.

2. Select the field of data to be used in the search criteria

3. Select the operator (i.e Contains, Is Like, Is Equal To...)

4. Enter your chosen criteria to search for.

5. Click "Find" to update the query.

The above example shows an Advanced Find that is looking for contacts whos' Email Address contains "Spotler".

What you will then see is a list of the contacts who match the search criteria.

1. Select the individual contacts from the search query and use the "Add only Selected" button at the bottom of the popup

2. Or Click "Add All" to add all found contacts to the Marketing List.

3. You can check that your Members have been added correctly by going to the Members tab next to the Summary in your Marketing List.

Attach The Marketing List To The Campaign
  1. Search for the Marketing List that you just created
  2. Select the Marketing List you wish to send the email campaign to
  3. Once you've selected the Marketing List click on the "Add" Button
  4. Click Add in the confirmation popup that appears, see below.


To the campaign and all undistributed activities - This means that the marketing list will be attached to the campaign and all campaign activities associated with this campaign

To campaign only - The marketing list will be attached to the campaign, however will not be attached to any associated campaign activities, therefore you will have to attach the relevant marketing list to each campaign activity manually. This option is for if you need different marketing lists associated to each individual campaign activity due to different email content within the same CRM campaign.

Create A New Campaign Activity
  1. Click on the ellipsis inside the Campaign Activity to create your Campaign Activity- then select "New Campaign Activity"
    The Campaign Activity will create a campaign inside of Spotler.  Referring back to the example later this is where you would create a campaign activity for each Newsletter that you will be sending out
Send The Campaign Over To Spotler

1. Enter a subject for the Campaign Activity.
  Note- This will be the name that is shown in Spotler as the campaign name.

2. Select the Channel Type-

Spotler/CommuniGator Static- Will pull over anyone that is orignally included within the marketing list, but if a new contact was added to the marketing list  associated with the campaign acitivty they would not pulled over to CommuniGator

Spotler/CommuniGator Refresh- Is looking for new contacts being added to the marketing list

Spotler/CommuniGator Follow Up- Doesn't bring over an audience as this channel type is used for Follow Up emails i.e. Campaign Series and Workflows

3. Select the start and end dates for the email marketing campaign- note these date will dates used in Spotler for when to initiate and expire the email marketing campaign.  Please be aware when the Scheduled End date is reached and your using a Dynamic Marketing List and and a Spotler/CommuniGator Refresh campaign the audience will stop coming over.

4. Click the Save button

Once you click the save button, the MSD campaign activity, including the marketing list, will be pulled across via the integration and create your new campaign inside of Spotler.


Please note that as you are unable to select a time in MSD, it automatically sets the time to be midnight.

Once the campaign activity has been saved, please note that the Campaign will arive within your Spotler account within approx 5 minutes.

Once you have set up your Campaign and Audience in CRM login to your Single Sign On ( and go into GatorMail

  1. Select the Campaigns Tab
  2. Your Campaign will be at the top of the list ready to set up, click on the name of the Campaign or the Set Up button
  1. Select the Type of Campaign you would like to use - Quick Campaign or Campaign
  2. Choose the Campaign Strategy; Customer, Prospect or Other
  3. Once selected, click Create

After Set Up you will be taken in to the campaign where you can add the rest of the details, creative and test before initiating.

Results in CRM

Results In CRM

In this section we will be going over all the different types of results that write back to your CRM from Spotler and where you can find them.

Results - Overview

Results - Overview

The above categories are an access route to:

  1. Spotler Website Visitors (GatorLeads Visitors)
  2. Spotler Website Hits (GatorLeads Hits)
  3. Spotler History (GatorMail History)
  4. Spotler Actions (GatorMail History)
  5. Spotler EMS Event (GatorMail Events History)

Once you start getting opens and clicks for your email activities, these will populate in CRM and become visible. Whether looking at them in Gator or Dynamics you will be able to see how effective your email campaigns are for your marketing efforts.

Results - Spotler Actions

Results - Spotler Actions

With Spotler Actions you are able to not only see campaign interactions, but also event bookings, web form submissions and survey results

  1. Go to Spotler Actions on your side menu - under Extensions
  2. Select Action Type Column to Filter
  3. Select the actions you would like to view

Actions we are able to write back

  • Email Sent
  • Email Opened
  • Website Hit
  • Landing Page Hit (Campaign Landing Pages)
  • Download (Hosted Document in Spotler)
  • Unsubscribe
  • Survey Hit (Survey Link Clicked)
  • Survey Completed (Submitted)
  • Survey Answer (Individual Answers)
  • Events Booked & Paid
  • Event Attended
  • Event Canceled
  • Event Waiting List
  • Event Payment Outstanding
  • Web Form Sign Up
Results - Campaign Results

Results - Campaign

  1. In your CRM in the left toolbar select Campaigns
  2. Select your chosen Campaign
  1. Inside your Campaign, you should see a box called Activity Results. Select the Activity you would like to see an overview of results for.
  1. Alternatively, select the Activity in the box above, and once inside the Activity, go to the "Tab" section.
  1. Here you can see the overall statistics for this Campaign Activity
  2. Here you can name of the Campaign Activity
  3. The date and time this Campaign was sent
  4. The action type such as email sent, clicked
  5. This is the subject line of the Campaign in CommuniGator
  6. History (Campaign Sent)
  7. Contact history or action is against

As stated above in step 6. you can click on the 'History' which will then take you into a more in depth version of the results including a URL to view the creative email

Results - Contact Results

Results - Contact Results

  1. Under the Contacts tab, search for your chosen contact record
  2. Go to Website Hits tab, where you will find both GatorMail and GatorLeads results
  3. The contacts' GatorLeads HITS will be visible here, where you can see the pages on your website that this contact has visited
  4. The GatorMail campaigns this contact has been sent will be visible on the right, which you can click into to see expanded information

The above screenshot is what you would see if you were to click into expand one of the Campaigns in the History of the Contact Record.

Results - Web Form Sign Ups

Results - Web Form Sign Ups

  1. Go to Spotler Actions
  2. Select Action Type
  3. Filter by Web Form Sign - Up
  4. Apply Fitler

You will be provided with the below information

  1. The Date & Time form was submitted
  2. The Spotler Action Type - Web Form Sign-Up
  3. The Name - this will tell you the specific form submitted
  4. The Spotler History - unlike the action type this is named 'CommuniGator Miscellaneous Actions'
  5. The Account the Contact is from
  6. The Contact who submitted the form