Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Quick Start Guide

There are 3 components of an emarketing campaign; the marketing list, the campaign and the campaign activity.

Marketing List - This is the group of contacts that should receive your email.  You can build this by using the lookup function or advanced find.

Campaign - The campaign is a holder for each campaign activity (email) that you will send.  This is not used by CommuniGator.

Campaign Activity - Once passed into CommuniGator, this will become the email campaign.

Building the Marketing List

  1. Go to Marketing
  2. Go to Marketing lists
  3. Click New
  4. Name your marketing list
  5. Select member type
  6. Select list type
  7. Save


Adding Marketing List Members

Adding Marketing List Members

Within the same screen then;

  1. Select Marketing list members
  2. Manage members
  3. Advanced find
  4. OK


Using Advanced Find To Add Members

Using Advanced Find To Add Members
  1. Use the drop down lists to build your query and click on find.  (Your CRM administrator should be able to help you to identify what tables and fields you should use).


Add the Found Members to the Marketing List

Add the Found Members to the Marketing List
  1. Select ‘add all members...’
  2. Click ‘add to marketing list.

You may now save your marketing list using the save and close icon towards the top left of the window.


Building the CRM Campaign

  1. Go to Marketing
  2. Go to Campaigns
  3. Select New
  4. Name your campaign
  5. Click Save (This will make the left menu of the window active).


Add the Marketing List to the Campaign

  1. Within the current window select Target Marketing lists
  2. Select Add Existing Marketing List
  3. Search for your marketing list
  4. Move the correct list to the bottom panel by selecting it
  5. OK


Add Marketing List to Undistributed Campaign Activities

Add Marketing List to Undistributed Campaign Activities

Select OK, on the popup.  This will add your marketing list to every activity that exists within the campaign.  If you do not want this to happen and would like to add the list to activities manually you may deselect.

Create a Campaign Activity

  1. Select ‘Campaign Activity’
  2. Select New
  3. Set Channel = ‘CommuniGator’
  4. Set a subject (This is the name of the campaign that will appear in CommuniGator and is not related to the email subject line.  It is internal only)
  5. Click save and close

Save and close the campaign

The integration will then pick up the campaign activity and move it into CommuniGator as a e-marketing campaign with the attached audience.



Continuing Set Up in CommuniGator

Once you have set up your Campaign and Audience in CRM login to your Single Sign On ( and go into GatorMail

  1. Select the Campaigns Tab
  2. Your Campaign will be at the top of the list ready to set up, click on the set up button
  1. Select the Type of Campaign you would like to use - Quick Campaign or Campaign
  2. Select the Campaign Strategy, what data is this campaign for?
  3. Click 'Use Campaign' to complete the set up

After Set Up you will be taken in to the campaign where you can add the rest of the details, creative and test before initiating.

Results in CRM

Once you start getting opens and clicks for your email activities, these will populate in CRM and become visible. Whether looking at them in Gator or Dynamics you will be able to see how effective your email campaigns are for your marketing efforts.

  1. Select the Marketing Tab in your CRM
  2. Select the CommuniGator History or Actions
  3. Here you can see the contact and what they were sent/action and the date and time
  1. You can also access contacts CommuniGator History and Actions within the contact record itself
  2. We also provide you with the creative email view, by clicking on this URL