Why is my Background colour not displaying?

In some of your emails you may set a background colour, such as a dark grey, which displays correctly in the editor, yet will not display in outlook or some other email clients. There is a reason why this is happening and this article will explain why and how to fix this.


This is how your background displays in the editor

Email Client

Email Client

This is how your email displays in your email client, which is not correct

  1. In order for the background colour to display you need to put the whole email in a table,
  2. Set the width as 100%
  3. Align it as you would like.


Cutting the HTML
  1. Go onto the HTML tab of your design.
  2. Press CTRL+A to highlight all of the HTML and then click CTRL+X to cut the HTML.


Creating the Table
  1. Create your table.
  2. Click on the table breadcrumb.
  3. Set the width to 100%.
  4. Align your table.
  5. Set the background colour.


Pasting the HTML
Pasting the HTML
  1. Click on the HTML tab of your email.
  2. Highlight the "&nbsp" inbetween the td tags and click CTRL+V to paste your HTML back in.
  3. Save and Close.


The Final Outcome

Your email now has a background colour