IP Authentication

More and more these days we all hear horror stories of breaches in security, identity theft and data compromise, here at CommuniGator our number one priority is our customers safety, the safety of their data and their reputation. This security protocols heralds a high-priority step in this commitment while putting the control in your hands and ensuring you are provided with peace of mind through CommuniGator’s on-going commitment to your data and account security.

Any login from a location not linked to your account, will result in an email being sent to you with simple step-by-step instructions on authenticating your location.

To avoid any problems with you being able to log on from new IP locations

Checkout your user account by logging into CommuniGator and heading to

Tools -> My Details, this lists the details of the account you are logged in as, including the email address that will receive authentication emails to. If there is no email address you will need to update this to ensure the process is as smooth as possible.

Email Marketing - Version 7 - Windows Internet Explorer

Email Marketing - Version 7 - Windows Internet Explorer

While you are there……...

Check out your username; if it is not the same as your email address we would strongly suggest you talk to your support representative about getting a new account setup just for you. CommuniGator strongly recommend that you ensure the user you are logging in as is your very own user tied to your email address, this way you will avoid delays in access and the headache of not being able to get your campaigns out in time.

CommuniGator also gives customers that ability to nominate an administrative user within your company who has the rights to create new accounts, unlock accounts and disable accounts when an employee leaves (meaning you are not left unnecessarily exposed). This role or a new dedicated account can be created upon request to support.

Are there any exceptions?

Yes. If you are logging in using a specific “CRM” user through your CRM then you most likely don’t need an individual user, however, this account may need to be authenticated so make sure the right person knows about this change i.e. whoever administers your CRM and CommuniGator.

If you encounter problems

When you first try to log on from a new IP location you should get the message ‘New IP Location detected, an email has been sent to your email account’ If you receive this message then please check the email account that is associated to your username and then follow the instructions on the email. Don’t forget to check your Junk folder just in case it has been sent there. If for any reason it has not been delivered to you then please contact the support desk.

However you may get the message ‘invalid email address associated to you account’ This means the system is unable to send you the authentication email you will need to contact either an administrator user for your account or the Support team and ask them to add your email address to the username. Once this is done you will need to try and log in again in order to initiate the Authentication email to yourself.