Why Are the Majority of My Audience Classed as Unsubscribes?

You are about to send an email campaign, but you have an unusually large number of unsubscribes. What does this mean?

First let's have a look at your unsubscribe page.

1. Hover over the 'Tools' tab

2. Select 'Unsubscribe'


Select the unsubscribe relating to your campaign.

3. Scroll down to the 'Opt In Field'.

4. Here you will see the 'Opt out Value' and checkboxes.

5. Check the 'Include NULL as Opt-In' box. This will mean any audience member who has no value will not be put as an unsubscribe.

One of the factors that determines whether an audience member is classed as an unsubscribe is their opt-out value.

This value should be an F.