Why am I not receiving any out of offices?

When you send an email some of your contacts will not be in the office and will have an automated email that will go to your reply-to address. A common question is "Why are we not receiving any or a normal amount of out of offices?". This article will explain why.

Out Of Offices

Out Of Offices

There are two main reasons why you may not be receiving a lot of out of offices.

1. The out of office could have an automatic setting to reply to the sending address, and there is no inbox for your sending address in CommuniGator. If you contact support@communigator.co.uk we can set up a forwarding rule so that any emails that go to your sending address are forwarded to your reply to address, which you will then receive.

Please Note: Any emails that have gone to the sending address before the forwarding rule has been set up will not be forwarded to your reply to address.

2. It may be possible that out of your audience there are not many contacts that are out of the office, or have them set up.

Contact support@communigator.co.uk and we can run tests for you to diagnose the problem for you.