Updating your CRM Credentials

Company Administrators are now able to manage their CRM Credentials from within your Single Sign On account, meaning you can are able to update any information directly without needing assistance from Spotler Support.

Please note that before you can do this, the Framework keys must be turned on by Support, so please ask your Account Manager or go directly to support@spotler.co.uk to action this.

Adding New Credentials

  1. Firstly, navigate to your Account Details in the top right hand corner of SSO
  2. Click through to "My Company"

Move along to the CRM Credentials tab.

Click to Add CRM Credentials.

Choose your provider from the drop down.

Based on which CRM you have chosen in the drop down, the relevant input fields will then appear for you to enter in your credentials into.

Updating Existing Credentials

If your credentials are out of date, a red error bar like the above will display.

If your credentials need updating for any of your Integrations, a red cross will appear next to the name as above.

You can then click the pencil icon to edit those credentials.

Updating your Integration to use the new credentials

Once you have set up your credentials correctly, you then need to point your Integration to use these credentials.

By going to Tools > Integration > Security, you will then be able to select the new credentials from the drop down box.

Updating your Data Sync to use these credentials

  1. Navigate to Tools > Data Sync > Connector and disable the connector.
  2. Once disabled, navigate to the Data Source Credentials tab, and choose your newly created SSO Credentials.

3.    Once selected, re-enable the connector. The connector will now be using the new SSO Credentials.

Updating GatorLeads to use the new SSO Credentials

  1. Navigate to your GatorLeads account. You will need to be an Admin within GatorLeads to enable the CRM credentials.
  2. Go to Admin > CRM and choose your specific CRM and SSO credentials.