Sign in using Google Authenticator

Single Sign On (SSO) allows you to authenticate your IP by using the Google Authenticator app instead of having to wait for an authentication email to approve your IP.
This is good if you're working out of the office a lot.

Now when signing in you have to use Google Authenticator to verify you are the user logging in. We recommend once you have done this that you use the option to remember you for 30 days. This enables you to be automatically logged in, saving you time!

Download the Google Authenticator app

Download the Google Authenticator app

Search on your app store on your phone for Google Authenticator. Then download this app.

Access Your Account

  1. Click on your name in the top right hand corner of SSO.
  2. Click onto "My Account".

Select 'Enable Google Authenticator (Two Factor)' This will launch the below screen.


Configure Google Authenticator

  1. Pick a security question.
  2. Enter your answer.
  3. Scan the barcode on your app.
  4. Give the code that you will be given on the Google Authenticator App.
  5. Select "Verify".

Log in with Google Authenticator

Logging in using Google Authenticator app

1. Log in to your Google Authenticator app, then have the Spotler SignOn section code ready for logging in.

2. Head to SSO and enter your email address.

3. Enter the password associated with your SSO login, not your individual Gator Accounts (if you have them).

4. Click "Login".

5. Enter the code shown on your Google Authenticator App.

6. Check the tick box to enable automatic sign in for 30 days. This is useful if you are logging in on the same device or it is your main device for using Spotler.

7. Select "Continue" to log in.

If it cannot sign you in it is usually because the code on the Google Authenticator has timed out. Enter the new code, ensuring it isn't about to expire before it can log you in.