View The Integration Settings in Sage CRM

How To Get To Sage EMarketing Settings Page

To view the EMarketing configuration and user settings through Sage CRM you need to:

1) Log into Sage CRM with the appropriate security role.

2) Navigate to the 'Administration' area in Sage CRM

3) Click into the 'Advanced Customization' tab

4) Open 'Sage EMarketing Admin' from the page

Setup Options

1) The 'Setup Options' page is typically configured when the integration is first installed and should not need to be amended. If any of the settings need to be edited you can click into the required row and change the held values.


Setup Users

1) The Setup Users page can be used to view and edit the users that currently have access to the E-Marketing tool. If you click into a row you can view and edit the users log in details and if they are allowed access to E-Marketing