Top 10 SPAM Filter Tips

Did you know that including red text in your emails (particularly in links) can score highly in some spam filters? Have a look below for more top tips to keep your spam score low and ensuring maximum deliverability.

1.  Avoid the use of punctuation in subject lines.

2.  ALWAYS send both a HTML and plain text version of your message.

3.  Don’t use background colours that are too similar to the font colours – it makes it look like you’re trying to hide something.

4.  Try not to use words like ‘Free’, ‘Promotion’ or ‘Offer’ in subject lines and email content.

5.  Ensure links point to domain names rather than IP addresses and where possible these domains match that of the sender address.

6. Include a one click opt-out, with a simple description. The text Unsubscribe works perfectly when it is underlined and triggers a one click removal from your list.

7.  Where possible stay away from coloured fonts and large font sizes. Red in particular scores badly in some filters.

8.  Large numerical values can look like financial scams.

9.  Include a combination of text and images in your HTML, using one large image can appear ‘spammy’ to some filters.

10.  Choose a consistent sender address and from name, stick with it and then try to get it whitelisted by your recipients. In some cases this can help messages avoid the filtration 100% of the time.