One-Click Unsubscribe

In this article we will be explaining the new One-Click Unsubscribe and what we at Spotler will be doing to assist with this change. 

One-Click Unsubscribe

This is not related to the unsubscribe link within the body of your email content so no changes will need to be made by you.

The One-Click Unsubscribe uses the "List-Unsubscribe" and "List-Unsubscribe-Post" header. This unsubscribe is between Spotler and the mailbox provider only (this happens via an API call from the mailbox provider to us.) 

To put it simply, the mailbox provider will use one-click to offer a "safe unsubscribe":

You will not have to make any changes as we have done this for you!


Does the One-Click unsubscribe appear even when no unsubscribe has been added to the campaign?

Yes, Spotler adds the One-Click unsubscribe and List-Unsubscribe by default. 

What if my unsubscribe is two clicks, one to enter the unsubscribe page and the second to hit submit?

This is completely fine at it is your unsubscribe and will not need to be changed. 

What if I have a preference centre will, the one click unsubscribed still work?

Yes, the One-Click unsubscribe will update your global unsubscribe value, therefore globally unsubscribing the record rather than updating any preferences.

What if I use multiple branded unsubscribes within one instance?

The One-Click unsubscribe will always be directed at the unsubscribe rule, connected to each specific campaign.

What if I'm sending contractual or internal communication emails?

The One-Click unsubscribe will point to the default unsubscribe within your instance, so the record may be marked as globally unsubscribed, but on the basis you would not include an unsubscribe rule to a contractual or internal campaign. This negates the requirement for the unsubscribe rule, thus still being able to send to your recipient.