Campaign - Follow Up

During the Campaign setup process, you are able to enable a follow up email to automatically send to certain members of the audience based on criteria that you decide. For example, you could enable a Follow Up to go 3 days after the original send date to any contact that haven't Opened the email.

The benefit of using a Follow Up campaign over just 2 separate campaigns is that you don't need to go into the results to pull a group of individuals who fit your criteria to send the second campaign to.

It allows you to specify the requirements for WHO receives the Follow Up campaign, for example all contacts within the audience group who DID NOT open, or who DID open the included Landing Page.

It all works in the background for you once you have set it up, so removes some of the tasks for you to do manually.

You have the option to choose from either;

  • Re-sending the creative attached to the pre-existing campaign
  • Attaching a different Campaign (must be a Follow Up/Workflow type) which holds a different creative

Please Note: A follow up type campaign can only be attached to one campaign and not numerous campaigns.


  1. Enter the Name of your follow up.
  2. Click to attach your follow up.
  3. Click Manage to set/edit the criteria of your follow up.
  4. This shows the name of your follow up.
  5. This shows the description of your follow up.
  6. This shows the send type.
  7. This allows you to turn on and off the follow up campaign.
  8. Click here to delete the follow up.

Follow Up Details


With the Timing selection, you have 2 options;

  1. Send Without Delay - based on the Triggers below, as soon as a contact HAS completed what you requested then send them the Follow Up email. Example; as soon as a contact HAS OPENED the original campaign, send them the Follow Up immediately regardless of whether that was 5 hours after the original send or 5 days.
  2. Send With Timing Options - based on the Triggers below, and always looking at the original send time, analyse up until the end of your chosen time period whether the contacts have completed what you requested, and then do or do not send the Follow Up at the end of that time frame. Example, check over the next 3 days whether a contact has clicked through to the chosen Landing Page, and after 3 days if they have, send them the follow up.



The Triggers allow you to dictate whether a contact is sent the Follow Up campaign or not. The options include:

  1. Email Opened / Not Opened
  2. Landing Page Hit / Not Hit
  3. Web Page Hit / Not Hit
  4. Survey Completed / Not Completed
  5. Event Booked / Not Booked / Attended / Not Attended


Campaign To Send

This is where you set up the Follow Up Campaign to be sent. Your options include:

  1. Re-sending the current campaign
  2. Sending another campaign with a different creative

If you are re-sending the current campaign, you also have the ability to input a new subject line. This is not necessary if you are using a different campaign as it will be pulling the subject line used for that creative.

If setting up a follow up for another campaign you must check:

  1. That the other campaign has its campaign type set to "follow up"
  2. That the campaign has been initiated