Salesforce Enterprise Quick Start Guide

How to create a Campaign in SalesForce

  1. Go to the 'Campaigns' tab
  2. Click on 'New'.
  1. Give the campaign a name
  2. Click on 'Save'
  1. Select 'Manage Members'
  2. Choose ' Add Members - Search'.
  1. Select Contacts or Leads.
  2. Run a search using the drop down fields - this is wear you select the criteria in which you wish to create a marketing list from:
    Field - Department
    Operator - Equals
    Value - Marketing
  3. Select 'Go'.
  1. Check the contacts you wish to add to the campaign
  2. Choose 'Add with status of sent'
  3. Here you can edit what information you would like to be bought across to CommuniGator from your CRM. For example if you wanted their position in company to be bought across to CommuniGator, clicking on Edit columns allows you to add the additional fields to your selected contacts.
  4. Click 'Back to campaign'

This example shows adding audience members by using a search within the campaign. It is also possible to run a report within SF to segment your audience members and then ‘add to campaign’.

  1. Click 'Send to CommuniGator'.  

This may take a few seconds.

Continuing Set Up in CommuniGator

Once you have set up your Campaign and Audience in CRM login to your Single Sign On ( and go into GatorMail

  1. Select the Campaigns Tab
  2. Your Campaign will be at the top of the list ready to set up, click on the set up button
  1. Select the Type of Campaign you would like to use - Quick Campaign or Campaign
  2. Select the Campaign Strategy, what data is this campaign for?
  3. Click 'Use Campaign' to complete the set up

After Set Up you will be taken in to the campaign where you can add the rest of the details, creative and test before initiating

Results in CRM

Once you start getting opens and clicks for your email activities, these will populate in CRM and become visible. Whether looking at them in Gator or Salesforce you will be able to see how effective your email campaigns are for your marketing efforts.

  1. Go into the contacts tab
  2. Search the contact
  3. All CommuniGator Results are stored under 'CommuniGator Results'
  4. Including a live URL of the email creative
  1. Under the Reports Tab
  2. Click CommuniGator Reports
  3. We create a CommuniGator Results report on set up for you to run, including additional reports to view website visitors.