How to make a Preference Center Unsubscribe

Creating an unsubscribe is an easy process. But in case you aren't sure of how to do it for your preference center then read on!

Do bare in mind that this is only ONE way of setting up a Preference Centre as they are often bespoke to your needs, so we recommend you use this as a GUIDE ONLY.

If you do require further help please contact your Account Manager.

1. Head to Tools -> Unsubscribe

2. Select 'Add New Unsubscribe'

1. Provide a name for your unsubscribe form. You can add a description if necessary.

2. Select the unsubscribe Landing Page you created, and the global unsubscribe page.

3. For the opt in details we recommend you use a previous unsubscribe as a template to find the correct values.

4. Once created select 'Save and Close'.

Now you need to create a Preference Centre Group for each rule you have set up. To learn how to do this please read the following article.