Why Use Data Sync?

Data Sync is a tool used by some CRM systems, and by us here at Spotler, for updating data through an integration with ease.

There are many reasons why we recommend using a data sync for data integration between us and your CRM system, which we explore in this article.


Fluid Data Upload

With many CRM systems you have to upload contacts into a list of some form, for example a marketing list. These marketing lists, unless a master list is made, have to be added for multiple campaigns, multiple times.

With Data Sync you can constantly upload data, even specifying what fields on the contact record to update. This makes data management so much more efficient.


For example, above we have nurture lists for different CRM providers. You can see that we have data syncs for different products which constantly update via the connectors.
These connectors are relatively simple to set up, and are easily managed.



All in one place!

With Data Sync being so visible in Spotler you don't have to switch between us and your CRM to organise data, set up campaigns, marketing lists and more.
You can see your campaigns, audience groups, and data syncs all in Spotler.

This means more time spent completing your task and less faffing around switching between tabs and products.




More Options!

By using Data Sync you have many more options in regards to choosing a CRM system. For example, Netsuite only uses Data Sync and Microsoft Dynamics supports the ability to use both Data Sync and the traditional integration.

This gives you the flexibility to manage your data without being restricted by platform.




With Data Sync you can set how often you wish the data to automatically update.
This can be every hour, every day, every 2 weeks, however often you wish it to be depending on your requirements.

If you need help in deciding if you want to use Data Sync, then please contact your Account Manager or our Support Team to discuss this.