How to add a Pre-Header/Super Subject Line

When creating your email your subject line is key to engaging, or putting off, readers. If your subject line is messy, vague and looks spam like your customers won't open the email.

When your subject line and pre-header work well together it sticks in the mind of the reader, making your email stand out from a sea of communications.
It can be used to initiate a conversation, something the recipient will remember, and tell it like it is. Short, snappy pre-headers are quick to take in and make a decision on.

But don't forget, only use a pre-header if it works with the design and purpose of your email. You do not want to take the readers attention away from the main content of the email.

Creating pre-headers in GatorCreator is simple and quick, so read on to find out more!

Creating a pre-header in GatorCreator

Under 'Page Style' within Gator Creator, scroll to the bottom of the 'Page Properties' section.

You will see a section called 'Super Subject Line'. In this  text box you can write your pre-header.

As you can see above this is how your 'Super Subject Line' will appear in Outlook.