GatorSurvey Page Conditions

This article is going to go through how to set up page conditions within your Survey.
Page conditions allow you to send contacts down different routes based on their answers to previous questions.

Adding the Condition to your Page

  1. Select the Builder section of your survey .
  2. Select 'Pages'.
  3. Select the conditions button next to the page you wish to set them on

Setting the Condition Criteria to your Page

  1. Add Condition Group.
  2. Add a Rule (you can add as many as you need).
  3. Click on the drop down you can set to read 'ANY' or 'ALL' rules.
  4. Select the Previous Page in which you are setting the condition up for.
  5. Select the Question.
  6. Select the Operator e.g. 'Is Equal' or ' Is Not Equal'.
  7. Select the Answer.
  8. You can delete the condition if you need.
  9. 'Done' will save the conditions set up and take you back to your survey.

Save your Survey

  1. Save and Close to move onto testing stage.

Testing your Page Conditions

Please Note: You are not able to test page conditions through the Survey 'Preview' button. Please follow the steps below on how to test your survey.

  1. Select Publish on the Survey you wish to Test.

2. Select the 'Next' button to take you to the testing stage

Please Note: The below details will need to be edited before you make your survey live, but isn't necessary for the testing stage.

Survey Testing Email

  1. Select Email.
  1. Enter in the email address to send the test email to.
  2. Enter the Reply To address.
  3. Subject Line.
  4. Add a body text.
  5. Send Email.
  6. 'Ok' will close the window.