Using GSV String Queries to Populate Contact Information

1. Drag & Drop a 'Short Text' question block onto your survey page.

2. Enter in your question e.g. Email Address

3. Select the 'Populate via GSV querystring' check box.

4. Enter ‘gsv’ value e.g firstname the value MUST start with gsv_

5. Save, Publish, and Launch your Survey.

6. You will then be provided with a Survey link you need to add to the end of this URL ‘?gsv_value=gatorcustomfield’ make sure you remember to add the ?.

7. Your link should look like this[Person/FirstName]#

8. If you would like to have more than one field populated add ‘&’ between each gsv_value, e.g.  ?gsv_firstname=#[Person/FirstName]#&gsv_lastname=#[Person/LastName]#

9. Your link should look like this[Person/FirstName]#&gsv_lastname=#[Person/LastName]#