Survey Questions and Answers



This is the first page you will see when clicking on "Questions & Answers"
  1. You will notice a green "P" in the blue box next to point one, This is where you can create your first page
  2. To give the page a title, simply type into the text box as seen in point two.
  3. Once you have named your page click "Add" by point three to create it

Adding your first question

Adding your first question
  1. As you can see I created my first page and called it "Example Page" - as seen next to point one
  2. To add your first question, expand the page by clicking on the "+" sign like I have with the cursor, this will present you with the question creation section as seen in point two. Simply enter the question into the "Text" input box, "Title" is used as a label.
  3. Once you have done this click "Add" to create the question as seen by point three.


Question Types

You can change the type of answer they can give by selection the dropdown box, you will be presented with the following options (as seen above):

  • Textbox - single line: This is a simple input box, and should be used for small answers like "First Name"
  • Textbox - multi line: This is a larger text box, and should be used for asking questions that require a longer answer, for example - "Please tell us your favourite time of year, and why"
  • Radiobutton - single select: This should be used for multiple choice answers where you only want someone to give one answer, for example - "Do you have a driving license?" (answers being "Yes" or "No")
  • Checkbox - multiple select: This should be used for multiple choice answers where you want to give the option of more than one answer, for example - "Please tick how you would like to hear from us" (Answers could be: "By Email", "By SMS", "By Post", etc....)
  • Dropdownlist - single select: To be used in a similar situation to the "Radiobutton - single select", however this should normally be used when there are a large amount options (more than 3 choices), for example "What is your favourite season?" (Answers being: "Winter", "Spring", "Summer", "Autumn").
  • HTML: This is a feature for the more experienced, and will enable you to input HTML into the survey, which can be useful for a number of reasons, maybe to put in a logo, or even add a video for someone to watch before answering their next question
  • Date: Self explanatory, this will enable the selection of a date, useful for questions like "What is your date of birth"
  • Date and Time: Same as above, but also with the selection of time
  • Listbox - multiple select: This can be used for the same reasons as Checkbox, it really comes down to with what you feel looks better
  • Listbox - single select: same as above but you can only choose one option, used in the same situation as "dropdownlist - single select"


Editing Existing Questions

Editing existing questions


  1. Clicking on the pencil will allow you to edit the question.
  2. This will bring up the "Question details" box, for more details please see below.
  3. This will allow questions to be conditional, for example if you have a dropdown box and someone selects "Other", you can have another question appear which says "If Other, please specify". For more details see below.
  4. The "X" symbol will delete the question
  5. The UP and DOWN arrows will change the other of questions if you have more than one.


Question Details

Question Details
  1. This section you can make the question mandatory
  2. This allows you to add sub questions
  3. Auto Fill will allow you to populate the survey based on data you already have on the person, for example: Their name, address, etc...
  4. This section allows you to add validation to a question, for example if you're asking for an email address or UK telephone number you can select one of these options to ensure it is entered in the correct format


Conditional Questions

Conditional Questions

Here is an example of a conditional question, with the questions also in place for the first question.


NOTE: Conditional questions must be based on a question from the previous page