Page Conditions in Surveys

When conducting surveys, some of your questions may involve selecting preferences and re-directing the contact to a specific page.
Page conditions provide a perfect solution for this action within our Survery functionality. 

Rules of Page Conditions

Rules of Page Conditions
  1. In order to have page conditions the page before must include questions of a multiple-choice nature. There are 3 options for these on our surveys.

a) Radiobutton - single select

b) Checkbox - multiple select

c) Dropdownlist - single select

In this example, we are using Checkbox - multiple select.


Accessing Page Conditions

Accessing Page Conditions
  1. Once you have created the redirect questions for each preference, click on the page conditions button.


Please Note: This HAS to be done for each redirect page which you would like to use. 

Creating the Page Condition

  1. Select the question
  2. Select the answer
  3. Add the page condition
  4. Save and close the page condition

By actioning this, anyone who selects 'Support Articles' as their preference will be taken to the page 'Support Articles' for the next question.

Repeat this action with each individual page, selecting the correct answer to direct to the correct page.


Save The Survey!

Save The Survey!
  1. Save the survey so that your work cannot be lost.